Founded in 2003 by l'editrice, 1913 a journal of forms & 1913 Press are committed to publishing the baddest in poetry, poetics, prose, & their intersections with the arts of all forms in handsome book-as-art-object fashion.


Founder & Editrice: Sandra Doller (aka Miller)
Designer & Vice-editor: Ben Doller (aka Doyle)
Managing Editrix: Adam Bishop
Journal & Blog Editrixes: Biswamit Dwibedy & Sheila McMullin 
Distribution Guru: Adam Stutz

1913 is proud to welcome Le Board:
Eleanor Antin, Rae Armantrout, Thalia Field, Scarlett Higgins, Jen Hofer, Matthew Hofer, Fanny Howe, Joseph Jeon, John Keene, Sawako Nakayasu, Claudia Rankine, Jerome Rothenberg, Cole Swensen, John Yau.

(Any errors in editing or judgment are the sole responsibility of the editrice, Sandra Doller, and do not reflect any flaw on the part of the generous humanity & finer sensibilities of Le Board.)

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