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We're delighted to announce that submissions are NOW OPEN for THE 1913 PRIZE FOR FIRST BOOKS, to be selected by DANIEL BORZUTZKY!

Please submit HERE via Submittable during June & July 2017.

Eligibility: Any writer who has NOT YET published a full-length book (chapbooks ok) is eligible to submit!

Genre: There are NO genre limitations. Poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, fiction, visual work, hybrid work, and the in between are ALL welcomed. Translations are also accepted; both the translator and translated must qualify as first-book authors.

Length: There are NO length limitations. (Most manuscripts are between 50-150 pages.)

Fee: There is a reading fee of $25, which goes towards the publication of the book(s) selected and the workings of 1913 Press.

Book: For an extra $5, you may choose a recent excellent 1913 Press title from the options provided.

1913 Press subscribes to the CLMP code of Ethics for Contests: 
Please remove all identifying matter from the manuscript itself. 
Friends, students, close associates of the judge are not eligible to submit.

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We are not reading for the journal separately at this time, but ALL work submitted will also be considered for inclusion in future iterations of 1913 a journal of forms.

Thank you kindly for your work! We can't wait to get reading…


Stay tuned very soon for: 
Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit by Aisha Sabatini Sloan 
xx/she: stardraped by Laura Vena 
Playing Monster :: Seiche by Diana Arterian 
Strong Suits by Brad Flis 
Lucy 72 by Ronaldo Wilson 
Umbilical Hospital by Vi Khi Nao 

Our upcoming season also includes books by Lily Hoang, Andy Fitch & Jon Cotner, and Mark Faunlagui , winner of The 1913 Prize selected by Ruth Ellen Kocher! 

& Check out our FRESHEST new releases: 
A Turkish Dictionary by Andrew Wessels 
Gray Market by Krystal Languell 
I, Too, Dislike It by Mia You 
More Plays on Please by Chet Weiner

We’re thrilled to announce the results of our 1913 Prize for 1st Books, selected by Ruth Ellen Kocher, and the 1913 Open Prose Prize, selected by Maggie Nelson:

*1913 Prize Winner: 
MARK FAUNLAGUI's On Some HispanoLuso Miniaturists

*Editrix’s Pick: 
DIANA ARTERIAN’s Playing Monster :: Seiche

*1913 Open Prose: 
AISHA SABATINI SLOAN’s Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit

The above books will be coming soon to a shelf near you in 2017!

Please see 1913’s website and our Facebook for a complete list of wondrous Honorable Mentions, Finalists, and Semi-Finalists.

And we send our huge thanks and congratulations out to Ruth Ellen and Maggie, who have both recently been awarded with prizes themselves!

We’re also thrilled to launch beautiful new books with more on the way!

*I, Too, Dislike It by MIA YOU is here in all its glory. Please give yourself a gift and check out this important book today!

*Gray Market by KRYSTAL LANGUELL is also available right now, just in time for your holiday sweetie-pie!

*More Plays On Please by CHET WEINER is our newest release on 1913’s Assless Chaps chapbook imprint. Order yours directly from 1913…or get a FREE copy with any order or pre-order of a 1913 title until Feb 1!

In early 2017, we’ll be launching books by ANDREW WESSELS, LAURA VENA, and RONALDO WILSON…and in summer and fall, look for titles by VI KHI NAO, LILY HOANG, JON COTNER & ANDY FITCH, and our recent prize winners! Please stay tuned for updates and preorder info.

And…in huge news…1913 a journal of forms is preparing to reboot after a hiatus! To celebrate, we are now reading submissions via Submittable through April 1Please submit your work of all forms here. We look forward to reading you.

Please follow us for updates and info on future happenings, including the 1913 Prize for 1st Books, a chapbook prize, and a translation contest…

We hope this season brings some hope your ways…1913 remains committed to art in its many forms, and to the most humane energies of humanity.

Sending love now more than ever, 

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2016 Open Prose Prize

We're positively thrilled to announce the WINNER of the 1913 OPEN PROSE prize, selected by MAGGIE NELSON: Aisha Sloan's Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit!!! Please join us in congratulating Aisha, as well as Runner-Up Lauren Whitehead's Virtuosically Invisible, and all the fabulous finalists & semifinalists. Many many thanks to everyone for sending such phenomenal work! It is an honor and joy to read you all.

Megan Burns: Poetics of Nicki Minaj & 30 Days of Weezy
Anne Gorrick: Amnesia (a Remix)
Stacy Hardy: Where the Body Ends
Wes Jamison: Echo Frequency
Victoria Kornick: What Happens
Jackson Nieuwland: Foursquare
Matthew Nye: Still Life With Opium
Addie Tsai: And in its place

Jay Besemer: The ways of the monster
Lucy Biederman: ISABEL: Studies in Classic American Literature
William Cordeiro: Whispering Gallery
Allison Dalton: Reasons for Admission
Emily Flamm: Small Territory Fires
Catie Hannigan: Water Fragments
Tim Jones-Yelvington: Strike a Prose
Steph Jurusz: We are not so lucky
Ella Longpre: How to keep you alive
Emily Lawson: The Glassworld
Karen Lepri Lepri: The Wreckers
Jeffrey Neilson: Hoarder
Dustin Parsons: Exploded View
Adam Strauss: Circulation Fables
Jill Talbot: On Distance, Like Desire
Danielle Vogel: Clasp, a reparative project in three installments
Isabel Waidner: Gaudy Bauble

1913's Annual Prize for 1st Books is Accepting Submissions
Introducing Our Newest Prize:
The 1913 Open Prose Book Prize!

Yup! It's true. We have TWO new reading periods open during May & June 2016: 

The annual 1913 Prize for 1st Books, open genre, to be selected by Ruth Ellen Kocher! Prize is $250 and publication of winning book(s).


An Open Prose Book reading period, to be selected by Maggie Nelson! Open to all writers at any stage. Prize is $500 and publication of winning book(s).

Visit our submissions page for details or click the button below!

2015 Prize for First Books

We are very excited to announce the winners of the 1913 Prize for First Books selected by John Keene!

Winner: Laura Vena — X/SHE: STARDRAPED
Editrixes Pick: Andrew Wessels — A TURKISH DICTIONARY

Whose books will be published late 2016/early 2017.


Tony Mancus — LENS-CAP
Franciszka Voeltz — BRIGHTNESS THIS
Adam Fagin — T'S LAW
Amy Thomas — LUNG SONG

Christine Smith — THE SPIRIT CABINET

A big thank you to all of the talented writers who submitted their work.

We will be reading for the 2016 Prize for First Books in Spring 2016!

So much love!
1913 Press

1913 Prize Readers for 2015: Adam Bishop, Jackie Carbajal, Courtney Kilian, Kim Koga, Allie Moreno, & Jennifer Tatum


Congratulations to all the 1913 writers & artists who have been honored with awards and publications of all sorts. Please email the editrice with updates!