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On Some HispanoLuso Miniaturists


on some

Mark Faunlagui


"If you want to get a look at the future of American poetry (and feel excited about it), read this book. In these poems, Mark Faunlagui's speakers are at once sophisticated and disarmingly vulnerable; hedonistic and polymathic; aesthetically and sexually transgressive and brimming over with an ecstatic love for words and a tender devotion to the human body."—Geoffrey Nutter 


"Mark Faunlagui's poems shimmer and glisten to a bruised beat, leaving beautiful welts in their wake. His measured poetic ecstasy is downright addictive. ON SOME HISPANOLUSO MINIATURISTS is a true cause for celebration in these dark times."—Todd Colby 


"From lush jungle to city sidewalks and all the landscapes in between, Mark Faunlagui's ON SOME HISPANOLUSO MINIATURISTS takes desire across the globe. Cultures clash and commune over sex and food. Art and architecture create their own narratives. Colors are illuminated as if seen for the first time. We are left with imprints of a masterful gaze and hand upon a miniaturist's detail."—Nicolas Destino 


"This hot pig really knows his way around…he's like the Energizer Bunny, he never needs breaks and can go on for hours. And—a really nice guy, too."—AJ Pigglet



MARK FAUNLAGUI was born in Manila, and studied at Cornell University. He is an Architect in New York City, and lives in Jersey City. His work has appeared in Greying Ghost's The Corduroy Mtn, Omnidawn Publishing's OmniVerse, Augury Books Online, Sibling Rivalry Press's Assaracus + The New EngagementOn Some HispanoLuso Miniaturists is his first book of poetry, and the first installment in the projected Third World Lover Trilogy [02 / Majnun + 03 / Embrujo].