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$12 / issue
Edited by Sarah Riggs & Cole Swensen

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Each spring Tamaas hosts a week-long poetry translation workshop at Reid Hall, the home to Columbia University’s Paris study abroad program. Poets of different nationalites and generations, based or sojourning in Paris, are invited by Tamaas to work in pairs with other poets to translate each other’s work. This poet-to-poet exchange of approaches to translation is a distinctive feature of this cross-cultural workshop, and draws upon participants’ capacities as writers to handle the challenges of rendering poetry in another language. Students and the general public are welcome to attend the closing night reading of translations-in-progress. The fruits of this workshop are published annually, as the volume entitled READ through 1913 Press.

2007: Pierre Joris, Habib Tengour, Marie Borel, Sarah Riggs, Jean-Jacques Poucel, Frederic Forte, Vincent Broqua, Charles Alexander

2009: Emmanuel Hocquard, Marie-Claire Bancquart, Marilyn Hacker, Thalia Field and Abigail Lang, Pierre Alferi, Stacy Doris and Anne Portugal

2010: Joshua Beckman, Stephane Bouquet, Vincent Broqua, Jen Bervin, Donna Stonecipher, Martin Richet

2011: Sandra Doller, Eric Suchere, Michael Palmer, Liliane Giraudon, Oscarine Bosquet, Ben Doller, Norma Cole, Jean Daive, Michelle Noteboom, Stephane Bouquet

2014: Benedicte Vilgrain, Keith Waldrop, Paol Keineg, Rosmarie Waldrop, Anne Portugal, Jean-Jacques Poucel, Cole Swensen, Virginie Poitrasson

Copies are also available through
Small Press Distribution.