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Increasingly, and especially now, small mags & presses depend upon the kindness of friends & strangers, in the form of support from individual donors who see the value in sustaining independent publishing projects of merit. 1913 is one such project. Committed to providing the finest in contemporary poetry, prose, poetics, art, and their intersections, 1913 hopes to continue its mission to publish in book-as-art-object form, with beautiful design and the quality printing, editing, and aesthetics to match the high quality textual art readers have come to expect of 1913.

Please kindly take this opportunity to express your support.

For general contributions, please indicate if you would like your donation flagged for a specific aspect of 1913’s workings (design, printing, advertising, distribution, reading fees, book publishing, etc.), and how you would like your generosity acknowledged (by name, heteronym, pet name, anonymous, etc.).

1913 is a not-for-profit and anti-capitalist collective.



Donations in $25 increments, please select Quantity.

1913, the year and the concept, thank you for your necessary support of its projects.