1913 Prize for 1st Books

Thank you for your patience…we are still screenings selections for our contest and we will have news in early 2020!

Stay tuned for news in 202 about the newest 1913 Prize for 1st Books, to be selected by Shane McCrae!

Submission guidelines:

-Friends and close associates of the judge are not eligible to submit.

-Prize includes $500 cash plus publication of selected book(s).

-Please be patient! We will screen submissions in Summer and Fall 2019 and announce selection(s) in early 2020. Selected book(s) will be published in our 2021 season.

1913 a journal of forms

1913’s journal of forms is committed to publishing the baddest in poetry, poetics, prose, & their intersections with the arts of all forms.

Submissions for the journal are currently closed….but please stay tuned for further iterations.

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Please buy 1913’s books, teach 1913’s books, read 1913’s books, discuss 1913’s books, eat 1913’s books, devour 1913’s books, digest 1913’s books…keep our writers in the conversation. Your support for 1913 IS support for our writers and artists.

1913 needs your SUPPORT …please consider supporting the anti-capitalist work of a small press like 1913 as an act of resistance.

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